Our history

1983 : Creation of Chriskow. Specialist in high-tech industrial refrigeration. NH3 regulation, stainless steel and titanium exchanger ... 
1989 : Galaxair for operating a patent Christian MATHIEU on the recycling transfer groups and regeneration of refrigerants.
1994 : New workshop and extension of the activity.
2003 : TactiloCharge® Modernization (automatic print job to empty and load) with integrated touch screen and barcode management. 2005: New manufacturing plant and warehouse on the site of Gué de Longroi.
2006 : Development ForceCleaner®: rinsing machine refrigeration circuits with the fluid installation.
2007 : Merger of Chriskow and Galaxair.
2008 : Extension of the range of recovery machines to meet the requirements for reducing intervention time.
2009 : Modernization of the range of regeneration machines (RegIndus®) for processing all conventional conventional fluids.


Our specialties

  • The handling of refrigerants
  • Recovery, recycling and regeneration
  • Rinsing facilities
  • Pumpdown held control vacuum and load
  • Leak detection
  • All refrigeration equipment
  • Traceability, recorders and transmitters
  • Training 


Les + de Galaxair

  • A team in France to service its customers in the territory
  • Fast and efficient after-sales service
  • Competent and qualified staff
  • Permanent regulatory monitoring
  • Performance products and comply with regulations
  • Sound advice
  • Knowledge of products and applications
  • Manufacturing transfer groups since 1989
  • ongoing search for new products
  • Selected partners worldwide
  • Knowledge of customer needs
  • Unrivaled technical assistance
  • High-end hardware
  • guaranteed follow
  • Of constantly new
  • Notoriety, branding, seniority
  • The greatest trust us
  • Solutions to solve your problems and meet your needs
  • Product amortized within a few months (profitability)