A full range of powerful tools to simplify your life and intervene? Effectively on all types of refrigeration circuits.



Collect all fluids with the same machine without risk of mixing or pollution.



Our specialties

  • The handling of refrigerants
  • Recovery, recycling and regeneration
  • Rinsing facilities
  • Pumpdown held control vacuum and load
  • Leak detection
  • All refrigeration equipment
  • Traceability, recorders and transmitters
  • Training 


Les + de Galaxair

  • A team in France to service its customers in the territory
  • Fast and efficient after-sales service
  • Competent and qualified staff
  • Permanent regulatory monitoring
  • Performance products and comply with regulations
  • Sound advice
  • Knowledge of products and applications
  • Manufacturing transfer groups since 1989
  • ongoing search for new products
  • Selected partners worldwide
  • Knowledge of customer needs
  • Unrivaled technical assistance
  • High-end hardware
  • guaranteed follow
  • Of constantly new
  • Notoriety, branding, seniority
  • The greatest trust us
  • Solutions to solve your problems and meet your needs
  • Product amortized within a few months (profitability)