Why check his equipment?

Regulations require annual control of tooling imposed for obtaining the certificate of capacity.


Recovery station with measuring its effectiveness: This check is done on a test bench EN35421 compliant.


Leak Detector: This check is done on a standard leak to 5 g / year of recognized R134a. Warning some leaks that are found on the market do not conform to this control. They are just to verify that a sensor is working.


Gauges: This control is done by comparison with a standard.


Electronic Scale: This check is done with class M1 standard weights up to 70% of the maximum weight in the balance.


Thermometer: This check is done on a standard bench that can vary the temperature of -30 ° C to + 165 ° C.


We also control the vacuum gauges and vacuum pumps.


At the end of each control, we establish a certificate valid 1 year.