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Cleaning and rinsing

ForceCleaner 3 in 1
Galaxair introduces a fully automatic recovering, recycling and rinsing machine with an important refrigerant flow.
Refrigerants are a very important percentage of service, repair and maintenance budget of Refrigeration & Air conditioning systems.
To protect environment and realize substantial refrigerants savings it is very easy to recycle yourself.

One machine to do these 3 operations and no other chemicals to buy. No extra pollution.
ForceCleaner is fitted on a 3 wheels trolley.

Extra accessories on request
Eternal big volume oil separator
Long length hoses (up to 10 meters)
Recovering receivers
Ball valves
Vacuum pumps, leak detectors, etc…

High Pressure switch
Low Pressure switch for automatic stop

Oil filled Low and High pressure gauges
ForceCleaner  transfers all refrigerants in liquid and vapour phase for which vapour pressure doesn’t exceed 15 bar at +20°C. ( P max = 38 bar )
- CFC, HFC, HCFC pure or blends (R12, R22, R134a, R404A, R502, R407C, R410A etc.) whatsoever oil quality: mineral, polyol-ester, PAG, etc...
Purging position at the end of cycle.
Important air flow, to cool down compressor, and all the components for a longer life and better performances.

95 Kg/h with R22

l = 600 mm, P = 650 mm, H = 1400 mm
Weight: 90 kg

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The ideal solution for rinsing. EcoloClean is a powerful cleaner for your refrigerant circuits.
With just one treatment, ecoloclean cleans mud, wax, dust, calamine, etc.

Use EcoloClean before
starting the machine for the first time
changing a burnt compressor
converting a circuit to an other fluid
restarting a machine after changing a composant

EcoloClean pure is biodegradable, ecologic and non inflammble. It doesn’t contain any halogenated solvent or dangereous chemicals.


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